Health And Beauty In Young People

Social media – positive or negative? Beauty vloggers – positive or negative? These questions are constantly floating around the internet, but straight answers are never given. However, young people nowadays have a lot to say on this issue. In a recent survey, 60% of young people interviewed thought that famous beauty vloggers and bloggers such as Zoella and Tanya Burr have a negative impact on young people today. The remaining 40% decided that although beauty vloggers can make young people feel pressured to look the “right” way, overall, beauty vloggers and bloggers are extremely influential to young people. When asked, a student at Longsands Academy, Stasy, said: “Beauty vloggers are very inspiring, but they can make you feel bad about the way you look.”

When interviewed, a teacher at Longsands Academy thought that popular beauty vloggers had a negative impact on young people today. She stated: “ Beauty vloggers create a false impression on the way you are supposed to look.” She also thought that social media creates a false impression on the way you are supposed to act. Young people interviewed agreed with this statement, as 40% thought social media had a negative impact, 10% thought it had a positive impact, while 50% thought it gave both a negative and a positive impact.

Famous beauty vloggers have often been labelled as not a good influence on young people, as they put pressure on them to look a particular way. They sometimes also can make teenagers and young adults feel self-conscious around their friends, as they feel that they are not as good as people expect them to be. This is why many people nowadays feel that beauty and vlogging channels should be discouraged.

But, there can be positive impacts from beauty vloggers too. They can be inspiring to teens who want to follow them to a similar career path, and they can teach them different skills that may be useful in the future. This can help develop better confidence in job interviews and careers. As a result, just as many people think beauty vloggers should be encouraged.

Overall, most young people interviewed thought that beauty vloggers have a negative influence on young people, although 47% thought that their impact is positive towards teens. One student said that: “Beauty vloggers appear to be very open about the reasons they wear makeup.” However, the results of a survey asking whether young people thought that social media had a positive or negative influence showed vastly different results. Only 13% of students surveyed thought that social media had a positive impact on young people today. Many suggested that this could be because social media often puts pressure on people to be as good as everyone else. Consequently, almost all students stated that this is an issue that needs to be addressed.

by Jaimee, Skye, Emily and Kamile (Year 9)

Health and Beauty Team



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