Hair-raising beef about ‘Meet me at Maccies’ haircut

A lot of boys at Longsands have the new trend/hairstyle ‘Meet me at Maccies’ which lots of people have different opinions about.

What is it? Well everybody we interviewed had never even heard of it. Essentially, it is a haircut with shaved sides and back which is either permed or backcombed on the top.

Some schools found it so offensive that they went to the length of banning the style. The only way to get rid of it they said was to either straighten it or unfortunately shave it all off. When we interviewed students we asked if they thought banning the hairstyle would be fair or not. First we interviewed some Year Sevens and they said:

‘How can a hairstyle be offensive? I think it is appropriate for school but I would not care if it was banned.’- Zak

 ‘I think it is definitely not fair that it was banned!’- Mabel

We also asked some Year Eights the same question but got some different answers like:

‘It is called ‘Meet me at Mcdonalds because it is chavy. I do not like this hairstyle!’- Luke

‘I think it is a cool hairstyle. You should not ban some ones choice of hairstyle.’-Lucy

‘It is not appropriate for school because not many people have this haircut. It’s a weird haircut’- Josh

We also asked some more questions and got some strong opinionated answers like;

‘It looks like a pile of sheep fur on top of their head!- Sadie

‘It looks stupid and ridiculous.’- Tom

We also asked students why they thought it was called ‘Meet me at Maccies’:

‘Because it looks like curly fries.’- Sadie

‘It looks like lettuce from a burger.’- Talia

‘What a weird name!’- Henry

We asked students to imagine that if they had this hair style, would they be ok getting rid of it? Every one we asked said ‘no’. We think this is because it is our choice what we do with our hair and people could feel uncomfortable changing their hairstyle.

By Maddie and Rosie (Year 8)

Fashion Team


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